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Insomniac fan fic.

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Jan. 2nd, 2011 | 02:56 am

The Doctor woke with a start. The last thing he remembered was seeing an Ood in the snow then returning to his TARDIS and setting a random course, then nothing. On standing up he put his glasses on and looked at the screen on the TARDIS console, his ship was rebooting, something had completely knocked her off course. The screen started jumping between its usual stream of Gallifreyan and white noise, then there came a sound that resulted in The Doctor lying on the floor trying to cover his ears and save his hearing, he wasn’t ready for new ears just yet. As the noise eased slightly he managed to set the TARDIS to land somewhere on Earth, he didn’t have time to worry about the year.


As he locked the TARDIS door The Doctor had chance to take notice of where he would be spending the next few days while his ship repaired herself. He appeared to be in early 21st century North America if the sign opposite him emblazoned ‘Liquor Store’ was to be believed, also it appeared to be the dead of night but there was a series of crashing noises coming from the building. Being the Time Lord he was he couldn’t resist having a look.

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