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If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more.


First year of sixth form. History, Politics, English Lit & French.

Lives: Manchester.

Likes: Doctor Who, Editors, The West Wing.

Dislikes: Lots of things.

a very potter musical, abba, across the universe, alice, all the small things, aragorn, arcade fire, ashes to ashes, beauty and the beast, being human, biffy clyro, bloc party, brandon flowers, bumblebee, captain jack harkness, captain jack sparrow, captain john hart, casino royale, charles dickens, children of earth, chris addison, chris fine, chris pine, clueless, cold war kids, colin murray, community, costume dramas, daniel craig, david tennant, democracy, disney, district 9, doctor who, edith bowman, editors, emma, eurovision song contest, eyebrows, facebook, fan fiction, film, france, frankie boyle, game of thrones, gareth david-lloyd, gary lightbody, geeks, glasses, glee, graham norton, grease, green day, hairspray, harry potter, hellsing, history, hunchback of notre dame, ianto jones, in the loop, ino, iron man, jane austen, janto, john barrowman, john simm, jonathan groff, klaxons, kurt hummell, lemonade, leonard "bones" mccoy, liberal democrats, life on mars, little dorrit, live at the apollo, loki, looking for group, lord of the rings, love actually, manchester, manchester united, merlin, metallica, michael mcintyre, mock the week, montgomery "scotty" scott, mumford & sons, music, musicals, never mind the buzzcocks, nick clegg, optimus prime, ospreys, owen harper, pavel chekov, peter capaldi, pinto, pride and prejudice, primeval, proportional representation, pulp, quantum of solace, questionable content, radio, repo! the genetic opera, rhys williams, rise against, rugby union, russell t davies, sabriel, sailor moon, school of rock, serj tankian, simon pegg, skins, slash, sleepy hollow, slipknot, snow patrol, spooks, st trinians, star trek, stardust, strictly come dancing, tangled, the devil's whore, the gaslight anthem, the illusionist, the killers, the lion king, the stig, the thick of it, the west wing, the wombats, the young victoria, thor, tom smith, top gear, torchwood, transformers, true blood, tv, viggo mortensen, wales, wall-e, waterloo road, white lies, wolverine, x-men, zachary quinto